Welcome Baby Kai – the family grows ….

Baby Kai (my third grandson) arrived, perfect and whole, in his radiant new self, last Friday. There were no surprises … he kept his birth “appointment” right on time. (Delivery by c-section had been foretold.) And he is beautiful and mellow too. We are delighted.

I write these words from our home, where we've retreated; Daniel and I along with the new parents, baby. big brother and sister, to spend some days rejuvenating and celebrating this little fella's arrival. It's incredible to have this blessed opportunity to witness the welcoming (and getting used to having) a brand new person into the family!

Daniel and I, in recent years, have talked about how we, too, like Abraham and Sarah of biblical times, are heads of a family clan. I love this image – of myself as the wise crone, aged by experience – and yet youthful still, from the pure enjoyment of it all – and Daniel, wise old man, whose advice, family members seek.

I see my three grown children and their families and his four, all single still but very much on their own – I see them living independent lives and yet, very much connected to the hub, created here on “the mountain”, by our steady, unwavering faith in the rightness of Reality, just as it is.

I see my job, as matriarch of this awesome clan, being to stay rooted in the spiritual principles that ground and nourish us. By starting each day (even if it means getting up at dawn) by remembering what I really am, which is … a container for Source to flow through …. Through grounding first thing, I am able to remember my true calling … which is to be that which Source pours Itself through straight into the hearts and minds (and stomachs) of all those who are before me.

I feel blessed to be in that service … every single thing I do for one of these precious family members (or whoever is before me) allows me to feel Source filling me. What other place could there possibly be that could be better than that?

This is life lived in the abundance that comes from being grounded in the understanding that there is nothing outside this moment. That every single moment is God present and me, his vessel, offering myself for his use. Ah ……. life is SO GOOD!

Blessings, Lynne

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