Thoughts become Things

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Yesterday, during my centering, I asked the question; “What story am I currently believing?”

Immediately I caught a glimpse and heard the words, “… I am awakening ….”

“Ah yes,” I thought, “that IS my current story ….

…I tell myself that I am awakening into Reality. Awaking from a dream based on unquestioned stories about “me” and “my life”. Awakening through the process of simply observing the way the self likes to attach to these notions of a self, as if it really exists.

Watching how whatever thought comes through and sticks (is believed) becomes the reality that gets lived in that moment. Observing this and seeing plainly that whether the story I tell myself about the way life is, is happy or sad, it's still simply a made up story.

Not that having story is bad …. It's not good or bad. It just is. Therefore it must be the way it's supposed to be.

So, I see that the thought, “I am awakening …. ” becomes a story that, because I believe it, is being lived into being true.
I am content with this story – even if it is just a story….

Understanding that creating story is the design of this world, I practice hand-picking, shaping and crafting the thoughts that I want to believe. I know that the thoughts that are believed will become the “things” I encounter in life. And so I set my intention daily to select only those thoughts that will foster a remembrance of the Eternal Source from which I sprang.

May you increase daily in your own conscious selection of thoughts to foster into being.

Blessings, Lynne

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