Unconditional Acceptance … Like Sunshine.

If you want an example of unconditional acceptance, think about the sun. It shines equally on everything in its path … It doesn't say to itself, “Oh that little pebble, it's so insignificant and undeserving of my sunshine”.
It just shines.
It doesn't say, “Oh that's a great masterpiece and therefore SO deserves my brilliance”.
It just gives its shine freely – without measure, to it all.

What many of us do however, is walk around with some sort of internal measuring system that we use to determine the deservability of any person we happen to find ourselves in front of…. are they better or less than we are? Are we superior or inferior to this person or that one?

If we feel inferior, we may slink away, refusing to receive their “shine” (“Who am I to be in their company? They are better than me”) OR, we may find ourselves needing to try and bring them down so that we can feel at least as good as, if not better, than them.

And if we feel superior then we often justify withholding ourselves from them, refusing to “shine” their way. 🙂

This whole idea of superior and inferior is contrived – it's a totally made up notion, created by an ego-mind who apparently needs to assign value to everything it sees and experiences. In other words, it's another one of ego's many devices to keep us in resistance.

When we drop these value assessments, then we are free to shine…. everywhere we go, we simply radiate our shininess … no holding back. And when we are with someone who is shining we are able to bathe and absorb the radiance. We can fill up on their light energy and become more radiant shiners as a result. May you be like the sun and shine equally on all you encounter.

Blessings, Lynne

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