Everything Comes to Show the Way ….

Someone shared with me a recent encounter with a repairman who was working on their home. She told me that this worker shared with her his point of view about life … basically, that he had an extreme distrust of others dating back to childhood incidents with his own father who was radically violent towards him. He told her that he was an atheist, capable of killing if paid well for it.

Her question to me was … why would I have attracted someone like that into my home? Why did he show up in my life?

What follows are the thoughts I had in response to her question ….

I wonder if his appearance might serve as a teacher or messenger for you.

For instance,

He showed up in your home to fix something and ended up sharing enough of his personal history with you for you to see that his present life expression (i.e. vibrational frequency) comes directly out of unconscious decisions he made about himself and the world way back.

What a powerful model of how it is we come to inevitably express our childhood, unquestioned story!

This repairman described his own pathway of how he came to think and act as he does … he explained how he came to believe, basically something like, “people (the world, life) are uncaring and dangerous”, and – “there's no protection for me, short of what I can do to take care of myself” … etc ….

If you believed these sorts of things, who would you be?

Of course, he's an atheist who feels nothing for others! How else could someone believing what he believes behave?

There's nothing intrinsically bad about this man … he's just living out of his internal reaction to a painful story that he continues to believe. Truth is, he's most likely never even questioned his assessment of the world. He's gone on unconsciously acting out these beliefs that date back to when his dad (who was living out of a similar story) treated him with such violence. His stance on life comes from things that he decided about himself and the world all the way back in childhood.

Of course, because he's living out of that particular frequency, he will continue to encounter (through the law of attraction) situations that will verify his scary worldview and justify his need to strike “back”. He is traveling on that dense frequency and his whole life experience, thus far, has been on that low frequency wavelength.

In other words, he's just like you (and me) when we align with old, unquestioned stories leftover from our childhood … we go on aligning with the frequency of those beliefs and manifesting them in our lives. In his story, he clearly decided it's better to identify with the perpetrator – that's obviously the safest, most powerful person to be …. after all, anybody knows that it's better to be the striker than be the one being struck, right? As a result, he has grown up and become the hated father … the one who strikes out at others – the one who snipes and murders …. first, himself and then others…..

His generous witness serves as a powerful mirror of that very part of us – the part of you, for instance that may be doing the same thing (maybe not with the very same beliefs – but using the same unconscious process of reacting blindly out of old, other & self-destructive stories) ….

Perhaps he's a reflection of the sniping part of your own mind that has no qualms about murdering parts of yourself … if the price is right. Food for thought….

Remember, no accidents …. Everything comes to show the Way. 🙂

Blessings, Lynne

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