Judgment to Projection back to Self-recrimination

Yes, we are learning to follow our external judgmental projections in to where that, which we've judged negatively in others, lives in us. When we judge someone as controlling, the principle teaches that we are seeing our own controlling nature “out there”.

But, it's not about turning the judgment ON ourselves. That doesn't heal anything! To catch myself hating something about someone else and then be mad at myself because I realize that it's my characteristic I'm seeing, is not the point. It's not about feeling worse about ourselves.

It's not about making ourselves to blame for what we judge in others, but to recognize instead, that whatever we judge negatively out there happened within our own minds first. It begins with a self-betrayal. This is what we are doing to ourselves when we turn negative judgment on ourselves.

Instead, we must find where in our own thinking we first turned on ourselves before we can turn the judgment around. We use the first three (of Byron Katie's four) questions to do that. By following the judgment we have about someone else inward – we are able to find our own distorted belief for correction and self-forgiveness.

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