How to Find Right Relationship ….

If we are to have truly right relationship … you must start with you.

I remember hearing somewhere that a good way to determine if you are ready (i.e. emotionally mature enough) to commit to having relationship is to notice how well you're able to care for your houseplants or a pet. I think there's something to this. After all, if I can't even remember to feed, water and “attend” these relatively uncomplicated living creatures then what chance have I of being able to handle the more demanding responsibility of relationship?

Too often, we think about finding someone who will take care of us … who will give us the loving care & acceptance that we may feel is missing from our lives. Seldom do we stop and think about how capable we actually are of being right mate material for someone else.

Especially ourselves!

It is the relationship we have with ourselves that truly makes a positive difference on our “how content with life am I?” meter-scale. Right relationship with another is not possible until we've come into a loving, accepting, motivational and disciplined relationship with ourselves.

Why? Because we treat others the way we treat ourselves. Not only that, but we expect the same sort of treatment from others that we are used to getting — from ourselves, mainly. This means if I abandon my needs, am abusive in the way I talk to myself, beat myself up mercilessly for every little imperfection and/or rant and rave at others for mistreating me then I can only attract to me those who will treat me the same way.

The simple rule is this …. The relationships we have in our lives are a mirror of our relationship with ourselves.

If you are looking for right relationship. GOOD! The one you are looking for is literally, right under your nose. Begin to treat you the way you would want to be treated by the “perfect” mate as the first real step to attracting Mr. or Ms. Right Relationship!

Blessings, Lynne

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