What is Skepticism?

Yesterday, I was talking about developing our sensitivity to energy so that we can come into better harmony with it. There's one reminder that is essential to getting past skepticism…
that is to remember that skepticism is an investment in disbelief … it's making a choice NOT to believe.

What we believe (or dis-believe) determines what we see (or not … as the case may be) – therefore an attitude of doubt can certainly throw up walls to experiencing energy.

Bringing your skeptical beliefs to the surface for investigation can help. Making them visible allows us to see much more clearly how holding on to them actually gets in the way of progress. Then, although we might not be able to snap our fingers and make our cynicism disappear, it may, nonetheless, amaze you at how simply making these doubting thoughts conscious can free us from their obstruction.

I trust that as you continue to open, study and investigate, you too will come to believe in the powerful reality of energy and it's place in the unfolding plan of the Universe. Your sensitivity will increase accordingly.

Blessings, Lynne

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