How to Love Myself…

In a recent morning practice, I was given this thought or instruction;

“Treat your body as if it were housing a sacred guest …. It is.”

My daily practice has brought me an awareness of the sublime truth in those words. As my understanding of the nature of this phenomena we call a “self” grows, so does my awe and respect for it. It is literally true that this body is an abode for the life force called the “I am”. The particular visible form that this body takes is a chosen expression of that particular organism's ideas, thoughts and beliefs.

The body is the constructed form made to house the Emptiness of Life Itself. The more I understand this, the more I can cooperate with being that and nothing more. There is nothing more important than being a conduit for that Life Force. It fills, heals, and manifests in abundance through me. There is nothing more important than to remember my true nature as the container for and then surrender to that Energy Source.

By taking time every day to align and ground the physical body and clear negativity I am brought into harmonious communion with The Life Source that moves me. This is my greatest task, perhaps … but it is not a chore I do because I “should”. It has become my greatest pleasure … like running into the arms of my Beloved so that He can whisper sweet realization and inspiration into my ears and fill me to the brim with His potency.

As a result I have come to see how valuable I am to Him. I see what a miracle this entity known as “Lynne” is – how this body reflects the distinct and individual thoughts of the “Lynne” mind and brings me the opportunity to sensually experience and know the God-Source that moves throughthis body.

This is the relationship for which I searched my whole life to find. Now … to find that it was here all along – what a wonderful and simple miracle.

Blessings, Lynne

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