Becoming Heart Centered Thinkers; Our Next Step In Maturity

I believe humanity is awakening to the realization that we are essentially heart-centered beings. Did you know that we all start out life literally as a beating heart? Before there was any sign of a brain, the fetal zygote was being run by a thinking heart.

Isn't it interesting that we tend to value the brain above all other organs? We clearly see the brain as the supreme organ, sort of our king on the hill. We hold it up as the main (if not only) control station, and we often think of it as the place where consciousness abides. But there has been no place in the brain that scientists can claim as the spot where consciousness originates.

But within the heart, there is a mystery … there in the deep recesses of the toroidal field created by the heart is a literal “tiny small, completely empty space.” Scientists have discovered that it is an actual void, a space of no-thing. (We, facilitators of Integrative or Holotropic Breathwork, describe a place that we may drop into that we call the “void.” In the void there is no time, no thought, nevertheless, dramatic shifts and healing often occur there.)

Surrounding this tiny small space in the physical heart is a concentrated area made up of neural cells; about 40,000 brain cells, science reports, come together to create a “brain” of sorts IN the heart. How about that? Rather than starting life out with a brain that governs the budding life process, our early development lies instead under the guidance of a thinking heart. What might that suggest about the power of the heart?

It is perhaps helpful to realize that the brain (where victim consciousness predominates) was actually designed to protect us … the brain is a defense mechanism that is all about self-protection. Because of its focus on survival the brain constantly scans and analyzes what it sees in the world; it is constantly scouting for possible problems and analyzing data to decide how best to handle danger and/or potential threats. The brain is on hyper-alert and fear is its warning signal; it is forever on the lookout for potential problems to eradicate, fix, or control for our safety and survival. And it is very GOOD at what it does – and absolutely essential for life. But perhaps it is not the ruling organ we think it to be. It is very limited when it comes to intuitive knowing, or interpreting the vibrational reality in which we live.

The collective mindset on Earth is brain-centered victim consciousness. Victim consciousness describes a mindset that sees us as being at the mercy of an unsafe world. It produces fear, and all sorts of resistant thoughts. The primary characteristic of victim consciousness is blame.

The only remedy for victim consciousness is to replace blame with gratitude. To move past victim consciousness requires that we let go of accusation, blame, and negative judgment and instead cultivate a perception of life as being a highly individualized experiential path whose purpose is to expand the soul and prompt exponential growth in consciousness.

The challenge for humanity right now is one of learning how to surrender to, rather than resist life; letting go is the only way to move past our intellectualized defenses and drop into the heart, the only place where acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness happen. We seek the void, as the grounding space that allows us to tap into the Intuitive heart where we can find understanding, inner knowing.

From the void in the heart comes Inner Wisdom of the sort that brings clarity and peaceful resolution, for the tiny void in the heart is the only place in all manifested reality, according to sacred geometry, where duality does not exist. It is therefore imperative that we discover how to go there if we are to experience the state of balance and non-duality for which our soul longs.

This consciousness shift, from the brain to the heart, is of utmost importance; it is essential for our evolution and it is critically needed. And I believe it is being offered as an option for those who choose it as a next step in the process of maturity on our way to becoming spiritual grown ups.

This shift occurs through an inner marriage required between the heart and the brain, this marriage of opposites, known as the “conjunctio” in alchemy,  (or the union of the masculine (brain) and the divine feminine (heart). Only in the joining of these two polarized opposites can we move past duality and polarity, to become a wholly integrated Self. This is the journey of the soul.

This Great Work (as it is called in Alchemy) is the work that we as servers to humanity are called to do. The Reality Formula uses tools such as the Guiding Principles, physical unwinding of core beliefs, guided imagery and breath/journey work to drop us into the healing heart for the transformation we seek. When we align with the heart, we see the world through intuitive understanding that is outlined in the Guiding Principles. We begin to move with the natural flow and rhythm of life rather than from a place of resistance and fear. We are inspired and moved to act …  not from a place of obligation, duty, or manipulation, but from a spaciousness, and desire and inner nudges.

Find your heart space and move into it … live there more than not, and soon you will see and experience yourself having a kinder, more loving, desire-fueled, and joyful life experience. Isn't that what we really want anyway?

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