There’s No Way I’m Voting For That Political Candidate!

Just because you find that you are in a total state of negative reaction towards a candidate does not mean that what you see about them might not be true. A projection can turn out to be true.

Maybe what you tell yourself about that political candidate happens to be true. But here’s the thing … you would not be having such a negative reaction to that person unless there was a relevance to you.

And there’s one thing for sure …. There’s no way you can make a clear assessment of that candidate as long as you are seeing them through the clouded lens of a negative judgment you are holding towards yourself!

Your heated emotional reaction signals that you are lost in a story that you’ve projected onto them and as long as that’s in place you will not be able to make a clear decision about them.

There is another reason why it’s important to clear your projections towards the political candidates that you love to hate….

It’s based on a spiritual truth that says – “Whatever you resist, persists”.

Anytime you actively resist, protest or fight against something out there you actually will end up feeding it. When we resist the thing we say we don’t want, we actually strengthen it. It will increase, rather than decrease in size, power and strength.

So while you think rallying against a political candidate, party or policy is the thing to do – you are actually strengthening the problem you are trying to eliminate. I call this practice, “anti-politics”. It’s not only not helpful but has the totally opposite effect – bolstering rather than derailing that which you are fighting against.

This is because the most powerful fertilizing energy in the world is your attention. Whatever you pay attention to – whether it’s for or against – is what you are, in reality, supporting.

With that in mind, my suggestion is this ….

Be absolutely FOR the candidate of your choosing and for whatever policies that you want to see more of … but do not, under any circumstances, expend energy on being against a political party or candidate.

Instead of focusing your energy on protesting against the candidate that you can’t stand … write your judgments about them down and look inside yourself for those same limiting judgments towards yourself. Instead of turning away from this person, look to them as a doorway into greater understanding and forgiveness toward yourself.

This doesn’t mean that you will end up voting for them … but that you will be able to respond from a place of lucidity and sanity rather than out of political resistance and negative reactivity. You will be more sane and centered as a result.

And if you really catch on here… you may even find yourself beginning to see this person you’ve thought of as the “political adversary” as a friend instead. … someone who furthered your journey towards mental/emotional freedom.

Happy politics!

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