Are You Living Your Life In The Toilet?

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A friend recently shared a re-occurring dream. She has been unhappily married for some time and feels trapped – unable to leave for all sorts of reasons. She spends her days railing against her husband, a man she sees as being the cause of all her misery.

“Lynne, she said, I've been having this same dream the past three nights and I can't figure it out! Can you help?”

“I'm in a bathroom and can't leave. I know the house is huge and beautiful but for some reason I just can't get out of the toilet….

And then, last night for the first time, there were others in the bathroom with me … in particular, there was a handsome man beside me, trying to seduce me into leaving with him … but I said, “Stop it! This is serious … Can't you see that we're in the bathroom?!”

I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I heard this dream! Knowing the hours she spends recounting the ways “he abuses me” to anyone who will listen, it just seemed a perfect metaphor for her situation!

“I'm not claiming to be an expert on your dreams,” I said, “but it sounds like this is a very accurate picture of your current life! You're spending all of your time in the toilet! Here you are living in a big beautiful house (your life) but instead of enjoying it, you're stuck in the toilet, totally fixated on what sort of poop is in the toilet bowl! You're so obsessed with the crap and whether or not to flush it that even a good looking lover, with all his powers of seduction, can't convince you to come out of that s—hole and into the light of a brighter day!”

I can SO relate … can't you? I mean how often have you found yourself obsessing about the “dirt” … the negative circumstances in your life? Wallowing in how bad you've been treated or in comparing this “turd” to the last one you flushed – rather than enjoying your life?

Friends may call or come over to see you, but you're stuck in the toilet, agonizing over the last bad episode … so obsessed with it that you're actually insulted that someone would dare suggest something different. After all, can't they see that you're in the toilet right now!?

No wonder they stop coming around! Who wants to hang out with someone who spends all their time in a stinking toilet?

The victim mind is most comfortable in the toilet. It insists on believing that we've been “shat upon”, and portraying us as victims to any who is willing to hear our tales of woe. Our whole energy becomes focused on proving that we're right.

My question to you is … just how much time are YOU spending in the toilet? If it's a lot, then maybe it's time to flush and move on.

Give yourself time to explore more positive aspects of your life -those “rooms” that are abounding with life and beauty.

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