Observer Self – The Feminine Aspect

The Feminine Aspect of the Higher Self is the Observer or Witness who feeds and nourishes through the “Attention”.

Attention is the act of “attending” that which you want to nurture in your life. In its highest frequency attention is Love. If you think about what defines a feeling of being loved, isn’t it the act of attention? The people we feel loved by are the ones who pay attention to us! That’s because they are intentionally directing their loving attention to us. This is the refined function of the Feminine Aspect.

When run by the ego, this function becomes negative attention, i.e., worry, angst, judgment and nit-picking are examples of low frequency attention. and feminine aspects as well.

But when we clear our emotional bodies through right Intention and give our Attention to that which is in alignment with our highest good, we become conduits for the rich fertilizing energy of Love. Anything we Intend (which will automatically be in alignment with the One Will) will manifest in abundance.

In this way the Will of the Father and our personal will, through the refined use of Intention (masculine) and Attention (feminine) become One. These are the tools for manifesting His peace and abundance in our lives

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