Intention/Will – The Masculine Aspect

The ego is the unrefined masculine principle – the intellect run amok. In refined form it becomes the “Holder for The Will of the Father”. It expresses as Pure Intention aligned with Source (“Thy Will be done”).

But the Law of Intention teaches that Intention is a natural function of the masculine aspect. It is the act of placing, or focusing, attention.

Before we bring this ability into consciousness, we lack the understanding of how to direct Intention. Instead we throw it around, willy-nilly, unconsciously focusing on whatever internal train of thought or external happening grabs our attention in the moment. We don’t understand how powerful the intention is – that, in fact, whatever we focus on is what will manifest in our lives. Through the Intention, we direct the energy to it that will empower it into being.

Unconscious intention is under the jurisdiction of a wounded ego. What this means is that often what is being unintentionally fueled through the Intention is a negative belief. Through focus (i.e. intention) we align with that low frequency thought stream and bring it into reality.

For instance, let’s say you obsess about how unhealthy or unlovable you are … because you have focused your attention on that belief, you are actually intending it. Therefore you will manifest visible evidence that verifies it. Your body will “obey” your unconscious intention to be sick … or, your world will faithfully reflect ample proof that nobody loves you.

When we bring the ego into conscious awareness and begin to align it with a higher frequency, it begins to find its rightful relationship with Source. We begin to clear the ego and train the Intention through daily practice. A refined ego holds Intention on that which is aligned with the Will of the Father. This is when the Will of the Father and I become One.

Whatever we Intend, consciously or unconsciously, is what we fertilize through our “attention” and will therefore grow. This is the function of the Masculine, Intention combined with the feminine, Attention.

Tomorrow I will talk more about the feminine aspect of Attention.
Blessings, Lynne

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