How The Illusion Of Time Separates Us From Now

In my morning quietness, I had a ‘waking dream'  – or would you call it vision? – that I thought some of you might appreciate. 🙂

At first I saw streams of light energy coming from my mind in scattered patterns,  they were beautiful but undirected; unfocused would be a good word to describe them … but then I noticed that by exerting focused intention I could “corral” the light streams into a centralized force that became what looked like water flowing together into a stream.What started out appearing as small trickles or rivulets of water coming together into small streams, began to grow, filling larger and larger channels or “creek-beds” (as we grew up calling them) and soon these coalesced into a deep rushing river.

Suddenly there was a man tumbling downstream, carried by the forceful stream, and dressed in a business suit,  he swirled along in the whirling water, going pell-mell against his will, his resistance made obvious by his flailing arms and vain attempts to grasp at that which was passing by in his desire to hang on.

Suddenly I heard the words, “This is the river of time …” and immediately my interest in what I was seeing increased … I began to see a powerful metaphor about the illusion of time.

I realized that we, each one of us, create a mental flow of energy, that is corralled into focus by whatever belief system we have locked on to. That focus becomes our point of reference, our primary and unique way of seeing the world. Through that point of reference, or lens, whether we are conscious of it or not, whether we want the results, or like them or not, we create the life stream that we are traveling on. It is a stream of mental energy created by our beliefs that we project out into the world of form, where it becomes the physical constructs of our own mental world.

Some of us robe ourselves in the roles of the world, and are not prepared for ‘life in the flow.' We only know how to resist it constantly, We thrash about and fight Reality every step of the way. Others realize, usually after much battering about by life, that the stream of energy that we are resisting comes from the fount of our own thinking minds, and we begin to relax a bit more and not take ourselves, and life quite so seriously.

One of the more clever parts or the ‘vision' seems to suggest (at least to me) – that this  mind-created flow we are traveling in is not only an illusion based on our own beliefs, but that it becomes the illusion we label as “time” – perhaps, for lack of a better way to describe the journey down this river of life we're on!

Hmmm … to think of time as a river of energy created out of our own belief system. … food for thought for sure! The life changes that we associate with time passing, may actually be us witnessing the flow of our own mental manifestations, with things, events, people, etc. moving past us … this means it's not time that is passing by so fast, but the unfolding of our story that we are watching move by, in the same way we watch a movie move through it's story of characters, and events … What we experience as ‘time passing' is actually our own thought forms arising & dissipating in life as if created & moved by some outside force. There IS a force acting upon them, but it is not ‘time,' but the inner directed force of co-creative, life-energy, corralled into focus by intention-set beliefs (that are often not conscious), that we witness parading past us in the form of events, and people who are vibrating on that same energy current.

It's not time that passes, but the mind's creations that come and go, form and dissolve… because that is the nature of mentally created form life.

But there is an eternal present, in our metaphor, it is the sky. It is always present, contains the “time” flow, but is not governed by it. It never passes … is always present, stable, unmoving, and unchanging; It is always there. This aptly describes the Source that created us … and these “rivers” of energy that we tumble down and resist mightily are but sojourns and adventures mind-made and ‘Source-allowed for the purpose of teaching us how to consciously corral our energy into rivers of kind intention that we can float upon, and look up at the face of our Creator looking back at us, knowing there is no place to go, only events to witness and adventures to enjoy, simply life moving in the Now.


Hope you made some sense of all this …


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  1. Yes I have never heard anyone explain it this way but it is exactly how I have come to view the time experience and God’s purpose for us in creating this necessary, if u will, illusion for our sake’s! What a great vision!

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