“The world is full of liars …” – am I safe with me?

When we see dishonesty, manipulation, & deceit “everywhere we look;” especially when we see it up close & personal in those around us, we know one thing for sure – we are looking at our own face.

The world is a reflective pool, made up of alive energy, the very substance of all physical form, that magnetically attracts to us the people and life circumstances that can most effectively play out for us our own belief systems for the sake of expanding consciousness …

So, if what I say above is true, & the world IS a mirror … what might your world be reflecting back to you when you feel surrounded by people who lie, deceive, &/or betray you? Even is you see a repetitive pattern in yourself of picking that personality type, one has to ask, how did they end up in MY backyard? 

Especially when we remember that in Reality everything that happens happens for a reason – no coincidences.

To discover answers to the questions posed above, ask yourself these: “When was the last time I lied to myself? How have I deceived myself? What Reality might I be, even now, trying to avoid, by denying? When was the last time I attempted to manipulate externals to get what I want?

This is why those people are in our life. They prompt us to look within and be refined. 

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