If you were a thought of God’s … what kind of thought would you be?

During my morning centering & alone time, I found myself traveling down an unfamiliar thought path – contemplating thoughts that I do not remember thinking before. It started as I was pondering on the ancient teaching that all the Universe, the whole Cosmos, and everything in it, is happening right Now in the One Mind of the Creator Source. I was meditating on what the ramifications of that notion might be … and thinking about what it means to consider every human as a thought extension, or thought projection, of the Creator's mind.

Several “what if's” came to mind that seem “ponder-worthy” … and so I share them with you for your “pondering pleasure”:

What if each and every one of us emits either a positive, light, high frequency thought in the Mind of Creator, OR we transmit a negative, dark, low frequency one? Since we are taught that all mankind is created in God's image (Genesis 1:27), does that mean that God, like us, has dark and light thoughts too? Isaiah 45:7 says, “I form light and create darkness, I make well-being and create calamity, I am the Lord, who does all these things.”

Like for instance, you know how we have thoughts that are more or less pleasant to ruminate upon, and then we have those that are downright unpleasant, creating suffering in their wake? We probably can all relate to having one set of thoughts that creates inner darkness and suffering, and another set of thoughts that affirms and uplifts us in life, right? Yeah, that seems to be a given for most of us. So, with what line of thought do you identify most?

What if one day, The One Mind decides to do a “mental cleanse” of sorts, to clear away all the dark, negative programming based on limited, false beliefs in the One Mind, to leave in place only the high frequency, light thoughts instead? Might this be considered an energetic description of what “judgment day” means? If so, would you be a thought energy that was eradicated – or integrated into a unifying web of higher consciousness?

Or what if, rather than to eradicate, or eliminate low frequency thoughts of darkness, the One Mind chooses instead to transform all that darkness into immediate Light by flooding the whole mind, our created world, with Light and Love? Imagine the blinding radiance of Love immediately shattering all denser forms of darkness and liberating the Light within it to allow for a complete merger with the whole? Might this qualify as an experience one might call the second coming? The coming of the Light and heaven on earth?

And what if, as the Bible says, we are given “free will” (Joshua 24:15, “… choose you this day whom ye will serve …”) that allows each of us to choose the set of thoughts with which to align? Then which way of seeing the world would you choose? The way of Light or of Darkness?

Of course, I do not know that any of this it true, it's just my morning pondering … but then again, I don't know that it is not true either. Who can know for sure? I only love exploring the possibilities as I ask myself this question: if I am a thought of the One Mind – then am I a thought the Creator Mind would want to think – or am I a dark thought awaiting transformation? 😉

Much to ponder …



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  1. Nice thinking Lynne..so wonderful we can attune to either – light or dark. Or for that matter anything in between.

    More and more I realize, in keeping with our thinking, that awareness is fluid…flowing from thoughts and energy from within to thoughts and energy around us.

    Lately, the notion of “pollution” seems to apply to the clarity of this fluidness and flow of thought and consciousness.

    We all know what air pollution does to our ability to breathe. And what water pollution does to the water we drink and how this impacts us.

    It can’t be that different with thought, pollution. Right?

    I imagine at some point we let go of the energy around us, and rest into the miracle of self-awareness…the landscape within. Culturing serenity, gravity of an inner orbit, that as you shared, is blessed with Light.

    What else is there? That’s the inquiry. And how did it get there? And perhaps even most important, what do we choose to do with it? Embrace it? Release it? Savor it? Culture it?

    This is the magic of self-awareness :)) – JOY !

    Mike Dooley said it first – “Thoughts become things…Choose the good ones.”

    Thank you as always for your sharing, and journey.


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