When we resist and “push against” the other …

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“The Law of Polarity: The Law of Polarity: All things are made up of two identical, but opposite parts, or principles: the dark and the light, the masculine and the feminine, etc. Everything that is created is made up of an equal and opposite set of polarities. This is how movement or progress happens.” 

We resist the law of polarity/duality most through maintaining consistent attachment to our one sided opinions, viewpoints and bias’s, and assigning the label, “bad,” “wrong,” “inferior,” etc. to the things in life that do not concur with us.

We get stuck to our side of the page (our side of the see-saw) and dismiss immediately anything that reeks of “otherness.” We  judge those who do not live “over here” with us… This is what human minds do.

The human mind is made to resist and deny its all powerful, authentic other half which is our Essential Being; which is a priori, and the eternal self that sees all things as “both (the thing) and” (its opposite). In the Authentic Mind there is no “either or…”; it is a state of unity consciousness that sees both the light and its shadow as being equal parts of the whole. and therefore both necessary (but opposite) for expansion to be possible.

We evolve through the back and forth push between the many pairs of opposites our lives consist of  … This is not a problem; it is a design of our organism – and it serves a purpose. This push back and forth between opposites does its’  job – which is to bring us lessons, growth opportunities, and wonderful invitations to expand  our consciousness.  This motion is required for evolution of consciousness to take place.

“Observing” (without criticism and blame) ourselves in “pushback” allows us to explore the other side as a way of rocking the two polarities back and forth – towards the Center where a moving sort of rocking balance between the two  can be experienced … We call this being “centered.” Aligning with center through this back and forth process is how we say yes to the invitation of growing our consciousness.

Let go of the need to make the other side wrong – and your own right … Look instead for how it serves you – and the collective – Even through pain and conflict, victory can be had. 🙏🏻


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