Reality Formula’s Guiding Principles for The Physical Body ©

The Guiding Principles of Reality For The Body ©

  1. The Law of Mind: Cause and Effect: There are no accidents. The body we have is the one created for us for the duration of our life journey on Planet Earth. It is perfect for its mission, regardless of how we perceive it. It is designed to bring the challenges it does for the purpose of reflecting our own belief system to us and to refine consciousness.
  2. The Law of Vibration: The body is a transmitter/receiver. It is a conductor of vibrational energy that resonates at a frequency which matches the beliefs we have chosen, and with which we identify.
  3. The Law of Polarity: Our bodies naturally know how to find and maintain structural alignment. Negative vibrational frequency, such as fear based beliefs disrupt and destroy natural alignment and throw us into a toxic state. When we are  physically aligned, homeostasis is established, returning us to a state of health, balance, and inner peace.
  4. The Law of Cycles: The body is in a constant state of change, cycling up into a higher frequency alignment, or down into death and decay; it’s either breaking through to greater strengths or collapsing into weaker form, all dependent upon our mental attitude towards it. The body can rejuvenate itself in miraculous ways, especially when we hear, respect, and take seriously its messages to us.
  5. The Law of Reflection: The body reflects our core beliefs about ourselves and others. It is the mind’s first mirror, showing us where we stand in this moment in our relationship with ourselves and the world.
  6. The Law of Equilibrium: The body reflects the emotional and mental patterns which dictates how we perceive and receive the world around us. This trio (mental, emotional, physical) in balance forms the perfect vehicle for transforming consciousness into a higher state of expression.
  7. The Law of Verification: Whatever we believe about our body will become physically manifest, and will also determine how we see, feel and respond to life. The story we wear, how we move and physically express are influenced by the thoughts we believe about ourselves.
  8. The Law of Projection: We judge in others what we despise and reject about our own body. We can use these judgmental projections as tools to free the physical body from similar painful patterns of our own. 
  9. The Law of Intention: What we focus on gets bigger. When we see problems with our body, the body becomes problematic. We can choose to envision the body as our vehicle for transformation, and it will deliver us to health and freedom.
  10. The Law of Alignment: Aligning physically opens energetic pathways that bring us health, vitality, and clarity. Alignment clears us from toxic states and blockages so that the Flow of Consciousness can move freely through us.                                     

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