Living Out Our Diagnosis …

When we mentally attune our thoughts to the unhappy expectations of others, especially when those others are “experts” who base their words on “scientific proof,” or “medical evidence”  (which makes it sound so TRUE), we tend to fall under the spell of believing what we hear … and then we tend to live that diagnosis out in life. For truly I have found, that it is the amount of “faith” we put in what we hear, that seals the deal! If we believe it, it will be so; we will not settle for less  (or accept more, as the case may be).

We live up to the expectations of those to whom we give mental authority over us. But don't get me wrong! I am not saying they are responsible for our outcomes!

There is no blame. Even if others, through their limiting belief about our possibilities for recovery, do stir doubt in us with their words, it is up to us whether or not we take on those “seeds of doubt” as our own. We decide whether we will cultivate them and fertilize them into becoming the full grown beliefs that run our life  – and often ruin our health –  or  whether we will let them wilt from lack of attention and fade away.  We can instead consciously turn our attention and our focused intention away from the dire predictions and instead focus on the possibility of a better option.

The mind is a potent tool. We can burn ourselves with it, or we can learn how to use it's razor sharpness to work for us. We can aim the mind with thoughts filled with  terrifying “what if's” and manifest the life that goes with that vibrational frequency of thought, or we can choose instead to aim the mind's manifesting intensity on creating a better alternative.

It seems to me that the critical question we must ask ourselves is this: “How might the outcome be different (for us, for out clients and patients) were we, as professionals, to refuse to put our clients (family members, friends, or patients) into a box with a limited prognosis painted on the label?”

What would be different, if, instead of saying, “Here is the long list of worse case scenarios that you are most likely going to experience through this course of treatment,” we support them in envisioning better possibilities for themselves? What if we took time to hear what vision the individual holds for their outcome of treatment? What if we were to treat the mental image they hold of themselves as being just as critical to recovery as any physical treatment we, as specialists, might have to offer?  What if we worked with them to build mental immunity? Might we see better outcomes, more miracles in healing if that approach were incorporated into the treatment of every patient regardless of diagnosis?

I contend so … only because I've seen the difference it has made in my own health to hold a vision of health in alignment with reality (rather than my story ABOUT Reality), and because I've witnessed in others how transformative it is for them when they reframe their limiting vision of themselves, and build their mental immunity against the viral influence of negative images we pass on to one another thoughtlessly. We can learn how to encourage a vision of radiant health instead in one another that will act as a “placebo for the mind” that can heal even the most dire conditions.

But don't take my word for it… try it for yourself. 🙂

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