The Gifts That Come From Poverty

Creative Commons License photo credit: alicepopkorn

Many of us find ourselves struggling with financial limits and stress. As we grow in awareness of how energy works we may find ourselves wondering what is causing the constricted flow. Are we doing/thinking something wrong?

Many of us have learned that the way to manifest abundance is to properly attune to a positive higher frequency by keeping the mind focused on thoughts of gratitude and abundance, and we practice it consistently, but then find ourselves in situations that reflect just the opposite. Why?

I have been shown that these times of lack are an important part of the manifestation process. Through them we are given the chance to befriend the experience of limitation and restricted flow; indeed the financially pressing times are an essential part of our preparation and training FOR abundance!

I've noticed that often finances will become noticeably more constricted just before a BIG wave of abundance flows in. Without the lean times we would not have the wisdom and insight to adequately handle affluence. We certainly would not have the gratitude and appreciation for what we are given. Times of limited flow motivate us to learn how to become better stewards of what we do have and teaches us a sincere appreciation for the “little miracles” that come every day.

Like the time, years ago, when I had no money and needed gas for my car so I could get to class – I searched through my purse and found I was one penny short of being able to put together a dollars worth of change for gas. At that moment I looked down and there, shiny and new, was the penny I needed! The deep and sincere gratitude I experienced in that moment was priceless! Talk about feeling taken care of! I knew it without a doubt.

Without the lean times, we would be stuck in a mindset that believes WE are the sole cause of our good fortune. Times of scarcity sharpen our dependency on a Source that provides more providences than we could ever “make happen” on our own.

So, if you are struggling through a time of material lack right now, instead of letting it get you down, focus on seeing it as a time of preparation for the abundance that will follow soon!


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