Which do you choose for protection from fear?

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Size Comparison No. 2If you just found out that your neighborhood is experiencing a rash of break-ins, what would your response be? Which of these two options would you be more likely to choose – a gun & iron grills over your windows? Or would you choose to ask forSilence protection through prayer?

Your choice is a general indicator of your world focus. It indicates whether you are more “externally focused,” or “internally focused.”

Here's the difference.

When we are “externally focused,” we see the visible world as what's real. We live our lives in reaction to what's happening outside us. From an “external” viewpoint, we feel compelled to protect ourselves by manipulating external situations/people/events. We think that our protection is totally dependent upon our own personal strength and cleverness.

When we are “internally focused,” we see the external world as a reflection of our own inner world of thought/belief/story; in other words, we know the external world is an illusion. We understand that true protection comes from the One True Source and we believe we can ask for and be sealed in its protection.

Living from an “internal focus” doesn't mean we don't lock our doors or take action to protect ourselves, when we are moved to do so. It means we don't act from fear. Instead, we know we are safely tucked within a “protective bubble” of high frequency energy; we know that no harm can befall us with that protection. We trust that everything we experience is for our highest and greatest good. Such an internal orientation towards life alleviates fear, provides us with a sense of complete safety and gives us the confidence to believe that anything is possible.

When fear of harm invades, focus inward, align with Source and ask that you and that which you love be sealed in a bubble of protection. Give thanks for that safekeeping and move on, knowing you and yours are safe and well. It works every time!


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  1. Even though my choice without question was to lock my doors and pray for safety, rather than buying the gun and bars, which scares me more, I’m not entirely sure that I would feel entirely safe without a second thought.

    When I am afraid, however, I do pray to my Higher Power to keep me and/or them safe, to hold my tight within his (figurative) arms, and I instantly feel better.

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