There Are No Accidents, Our Lives Have Meaning

Goodbye, Sweet Felixx.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Dyanna

There are no accidents, no coincidences. There is a purpose and reason for the things we experience and because “God/Source is good,” we learn to look for the gifts in what we experience; yes, even in horrendous situations, there will be a “gold nugget” or higher purpose.

Ask those who have been through the rape or lost a loved one to cancer or sudden death. The gifts are apparent for those with eyes to see.

But, whether we can see the higher purpose or not, we can rely on the knowledge that there must be something our souls need to experience in every one of our life situations. To believe anything else leaves us feeling tremendous resistance towards what we perceive to be a chaotic and terrifying world; to believe we live in a world where terrible things befall us without rhyme or reason, leaves us without comfort, and dooms us to see the world through the lens of a victim who feels “at the mercy of” an unjust world.

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