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It's Morning in America
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There are “sacred times” in our life, often very scary or painful times, that are meant to prompt us to move to a whole new level of awareness. There will be a set of circumstances that shake our notion of who we are to the core of our being. It is probably the thing we immediately think of, as we read these words, as being one of the most challenging times of our lives (unless there is still that to come). 🙂 These “sacred times” in our lives are called that because they are meant to shake us awake so we can remember who we truly are.

Our life challenges are designed specifically for us, they are tailor-made to fit our particular situation so that we find ourselves through them having to examine our own biases and convictions. Unique combinations of seemingly unrelated events conspire together to present us with some specific dilemma that was especially created to shake the ground from beneath all of our previously held beliefs about ourselves, life and God.

And this is how we come to be shattered by the immense and penetrating love of Universal Source.

For we have erected impenetrable towers of false beliefs about ourselves and the world. We live barricaded, totally captive behind the walls of these false notions that have us perceiving a wicked and painful world. We project these limiting stories everywhere and on everyone we know and then strike out in needless defense.

This tower of beliefs belonging to our false self is the illusion that must be shattered.

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  1. Rahul, Are you leaving me? I hope not … but if you are, I understand. 🙂 Life is change … new journeys, new adventures call and prompt us to ever expand our horizons. Thank you for your kind words and for sharing with us your personal transformation as a result of these Universal principles. Blessings. Lynne

  2. I have had a paradigm shift in my thinking after i came across your blog, about a year ago. Life changed, things got better and i had a better understanding of me and the world around me. I started respecting my self and the world did start to respect me as well.
    Now, i am again on a new journey but before i venture into a new world, i express my heartfelt gratitude to you for sharing everything. Once you mentioned that you would like to think of yourself as a channel through which god passes on his ( or for a change, her! ) light. I think you have fulfilled that mission of your life.

    Warm Regards and Love


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