Basic spiritual truths continued ….

Creative Commons License photo credit: jenny downing

Universal laws provide us with a way of perceiving life challenges through a more loving and compassionate lens.

Here are the final four spiritual principles that allow us to move from a victim perspective to a liberated consciousness. The previous four are listed in earlier posts.

5. The Universe is friendly and always supportive. It supports us every step of the way. Right now you are being breathed; your weight supported by a ground that never retreats. The Universe never abandons us. Since this is true we know that everything that happens to us is happening for us. This description of life being always for us includes seeing the people we think of as betraying us as being in our lives for some good reason. Those we call enemy become the very teachers we need to show us how it is we mistreat ourselves.

6. We project our beliefs and “story” about who we are and how the world is onto people and situations outside of us and then we react to these limiting projections as if they are real. These projections come from our mind. What we project onto others will unfailingly and always be what we believe about ourselves and the world around us.

7. This allows us to accumulate evidence that verifies and reinforces these ideas. The more we believe something the more we will see it in the world around us. This is because we see what we believe. Always.

8. The World reflects to us what we have projected out. We are back to number one, the world is a mirror. The world helps us by showing us the distorted beliefs that are holding us captive.

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