Basic spiritual principles ….

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Shifting our minds from a victim perspective to mental freedom comes about when we learn to view our life situation through specific spiritual principles. When we understand that our happiness depends on how we perceive our life experiences we begin to look for a higher frame of reference through which to view these life events. Spiritual principles provide that higher perspective that allows us to clear our emotional lenses, to better perceive and interpret the situations we encounter.

Here are two more spiritual principles following the first two listed in earlier posts on Basic Spiritual & Universal Principles.

3. There are no accidents … no coincidences. We cannot be anywhere in life except where we are right now because where we are is and will always be a “hard-copy” or natural consequence of what we believe. What we experience is attracted to us and we to it by what we believe about ourselves and the world.

4. We are vibrational beings. Our vibrational frequency is determined by the quality of our thoughts. If we run on a mental diet that fuels feelings of aggression, fear, guilt, judgment and/or shame we will travel on that particular frequency pathway. Who and what we encounter in our daily lives is determined by our own personal frequency.

To Be Continued ….

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