“I should be doing more” – Is it true?

The story, “I should be doing more” is simply that – a story.

I have observed the impact on me of believing this thought and decided that I can't possibly know for sure that it's true. As a matter of fact, upon closer examination of that thought I can see that I am doing exactly as much as I should be doing.

I understand this best when I remember that whatever and however much I do is determined by what I believe.

My behavior is simply and always the consequence of my thinking.

We, humans can only act in alignment with what we believe. Even the times we think we are “hiding” what we think – we will still (and inevitably) act in ways that belie our true thoughts. This is not as much about personal integrity as it is about the construction of the mind.

The body follows where mind directs.

Contemplating life! by PeggySuadaOz

by PeggySuadaOz:

Our behavior comes from what we believe. It's that simple. Knowing this, how else can I behave other than the way I do? And how else – except through observing my behavior – am I going to know what I'm believing (therefore creating in my life) except through conscious observation of my behavior?

We show ourselves – every time, through our behavior, what it is that we believe … and that is SO good.

For instance, when I observe the behavior that is generated by believing the thought, “I should be doing more” – I see how it leads to feeling overwhelmed and guilty and my behavior becomes harried.

I'm unable to enjoy what I'm doing right now …

Oliver, very busy with work by PeggySuadaOz

by PeggySuadaOz:

… because I'm off in my mind thinking about all the other stuff I should be getting done instead.

As long as I believe the thought I will act accordingly.

My behavior makes the belief visible – a prerequisite for transforming it.

Following reactive behavior in – to the thought causing it – makes mental release possible from beliefs that otherwise leads to increased limitation and stress. Acting out our beliefs keeps us tied to a painful past and creating an unpleasant future.

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