Thoughts That Exhaust Me

I was feeling tired and not physically well this week. I decided to investigate some of the thoughts that were running in my mind as a possible contributing factor to the fatigue I've been feeling.

One of those thoughts was…

“My physical discomfort robs me of the energy to do the things I want and need to do.”

After investigating the thought I turned it around to become;

“My physical discomfort brings me the energy to do what I want.”

Having written it, I could immediately see the truth in those words ….
I am provided with the exact amount of energy I need in this minute to do whatever it is that I'm doing. And whatever I'm doing is exactly what I want to be doing because it's what I am doing.

When I remember this simple, yet profound truth I notice that I am at peace.

My doings become more effective … and so sweet, because I become totally into whatever I'm doing in the moment …. My life is a series of doing only this – right here – right now ….

4 Responses

  1. Nancy … re. your friend at the gym … think about it like this ….
    If you’re walking through life believing that you deserve to be stolen from because you stole in the past (“it’s my karma”)- what sort of energy do you think a belief like that would attract?
    The things we encounter in life reflect to us our beliefs. This young man’s life is showing him how he expects to be treated based on what he BELIEVES he deserves (notice – I did not say that he gets what he deserves … but what he believes he deserves – big difference!)
    Hope this helps. Lynne

  2. Great noticing Lynne. I started to write something, and my new kitty just got on the keyboard and erased it all. Whatever you’re doing is what you’re SUPPOSED to be doing, right?

    I have a question for you. I have a friend that works at the Rush Gym and he keeps getting things stolen – his Ipod at work, his battery of out his car, his apartment gets broken into and someone steals his CD’s…and he can’t keep a car running. Every car he gets has something wrong with it. I told him he is having an electricial issue, or a vibratory thing. He says he’s stolen things in his earlier life and it’s karma. But he thinks he’s repaid all the “negative” karma already. Please give me your thoughts on this.

    Nancy Kaye

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