Are you”wigging out”?

When you find yourself “wigging out” over some life happening … here are a few reminders on how to regain sanity …

Breathe deeply … ground and center … write your painful thoughts down and take them through Byron Katie's four questions and turn around. Thoughts like; “… I'm being held back”, “The world is trying to keep me down”, “I don't deserve better … ” or, “They're attacking (or taking advantage of) me …” – may be some of your own core story lines that are being brought up so that you can see them for what they are – untrue, stressful thoughts. Use this opportunity to clear them.

Remember that life happens FOR us (not to us) …. To see it any other way means we're in victim mind. How could this terrible thing be happening “for” you? That's an important question to ask … start by asking yourself that very thing and then begin to seriously watch for the lessons being offered. See these as gifts …. that, after all, is what they truly are.

It helps to remember that the Universe is designed to reflect our limiting stories to us for the purpose of expanding our consciousness. Whenever something painfully unexpected happens, that's what's truly going on – our own thoughts and beliefs are being reflected to us in vivid technicolor “for our viewing pleasure …”. 🙂

Remind yourself that the Universe is a friendly place – there are no mistakes. You are being offered learning opportunities – there is nothing more important than your own mental freedom.

You can choose to trust the way of it. It happened, therefore it is – pure and simple. No amount of freaking out will change that. Peace IS an option through acceptance of reality.

Align with what is – and find that peace that's available for you. You can't force life to go according to your own agenda … but the good news is … you don't need to make things happen according to your plans! 🙂

Instead you can choose to relax, trust and remember that you're being taken care of every single step of the way. You're being universally supported this very minute – breathe in that support! If you stay caught up in your “freak-out” story, railing against the way things are, then you won't be available for the gifts available in the situation. Once you regain center, you will be better able to “show up” for whatever adventure this life drama holds for you.

When you've regained sanity, take a few minutes to visualize how you would like the situation to go. Stay with the vision just long enough to be able to really feel what it would be like for the situation to turn out the way you imagine it. (Even a few seconds of positive envisioning can be enough.) Then give thanks for the abundance and move on.

Challenges in life give us a chance to transform our victim mind. That's their true purpose. Once we realize that, we can become the watcher, able to trust the what is as being exactly what needs to be, rather than seeing the situation through the eyes of a powerless victim, who is railing against reality.

These are the things I do … I'm sure they'll work for you too …. May peace result.


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