When we relate to others from ego ….

When we relate to others from our wounded egos we use people. That’s the only way that part of us knows how to relate. The ego aspect of us sees friends as commodities … as objects that can be helpful or useful – to be used and discarded at will. It’s the part that objectifies everything. It’s the part of us that sees illusion.

From ego, we think of people in terms of what they can or can’t – will or won’t – do for us. The “quantity” of their value to us, determines whether we see them as “good” friends or “useless” – and decides our feelings towards them.

Even when we do things for others. … we may find that we are doing it more to enhance our own sense of self than to sincerely serve …. we may be more into trying to manage how we appear to them – so we can feel like we are the somebody we want to believe we are. These are ways ego has of impairing our vision …. Seeing the world through such a lens both sidetracks and distracts us from reality.

The ego cannot see the reality of being at all.

More to say on this later…..

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