Why do bad things happen to children?

“You say there are no true victims … but what about a child? How can an innocent child be responsible for the “bad” things that befall them?”

We are all innocents until we become conscious of the metaphysical principles behind manifestation and the law of attraction. Metaphysical Science teaches that whatever vibration we are aligned with will be the frequency we, like magnets, will attract. This is as true for a child as it is for an adult. The things that happen to us have nothing to do with what we deserve … or with the kind of person we are … they come to us according to the frequency we’re vibrating on.

We all transmit the same frequency we’re absorbing through our thoughts and beliefs. Children are like sponges … they soak up the energy frequency of their caretakers. It’s an osmosis of sorts. Their parents vibrational frequency becomes their own. It’s all they know. This, then becomes the frequency they are soaking in and transmitting out. It becomes their vibrational path.The frequency of that vibrational path on which they are traveling will determine the quality of their life experience.

This is not a bad thing or something that needs to be fixed. We each came into the family we’re in, specifically for the vibrational frequency it resonates on.

There are no mistakes.

Your family is the school you chose to attend in order to experience the life you're having. It’s the course you came to take. It’s your personal path to freedom.

Blessings, Lynne

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