Converting Self Abuse to Acceptance

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I noticed this morning during my morning practice that there was a story running in my mind about a recent gathering here on the mountain. I knew I was tired and even uncharacteristically irritable after the participants left … but it wasn’t until the next morning that I connected my low frequency emotional state to thoughts I was believing about the way I led a particular part of the day.
The feeling, when I finally took time to identify it, turned out to be disappointment — I was disappointed in the way I'd facilitated.

Not only was I thinking that I didn’t lead it well, but … that it was “grandiose to even presume to teach … as if to think I might have something unique to pass on to others! What in the world possessed me to even WANT to teach anyway?” — Thoughts such as these left me feeling tired … and down. I was definitely experiencing a merciless bout of self-abuse.

What did I do?

I did the same thing that I recommend, over and over, to you ….
I initiated the Byron Katie process of self-inquiry, (“four questions and the turn around”) followed my feelings and thoughts in until I located the low frequency belief behind it and then met each unhappy thought with her four questions and turn around. Within moments I felt sanity return.

I'm deeply grateful to have access to such high frequency resources. They allow me to discover and uncover the peace I’ve buried beneath unquestioned assumptions.


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