What is Unconditional Love?

Here's what I've noticed … We humans don't know how to give this thing that many of us think we MUST have … this thing we call unconditional love.

If we think of a way a loyal dog loves his master …. no matter how his master speaks to him or how long he leaves him behind, the good dog waits patiently and then is totally delighted to see his beloved master again. Every time … no matter how harshly his master treats him, the dog follows, loves and obeys openly, unabashedly, without any thought for what he will get in return. Now truly, what human being do you know that can offer that? I can't say that I, nor anyone I know, is capable of that sort of love for another (OR themselves).

As humans, we just seem to be full of conditions … Our loved ones must treat us in certain ways … speak to us in a particular fashion … do certain things … not do certain other things, or else we withdraw our love from them – at least temporarily, if not altogether. Do I dare say it? Yes, I do believe that we are incapable of giving unconditional love!

I think this unconditional love that most of us spend our lives looking for can be found only one place – from Source. Nowhere … no-one else can love us with the equality that Source offers. Like the Sun's rays, Source shines Its love on each and everyone of us alike. It does not withhold it's warmth from some and shine on others.

But us mere mortals … we're just not capable of that sort of unconditional acceptance.

Not even our own parents are capable of loving us completely without condition – although they may come the closest. What a painful myth this unconditional love thing is! It leaves us searching our whole lives for something that does not exist in this imperfect world of human interaction and when we believe we're supposed to get it, we end up thinking we've been deprived of something that others have and we don't … but it's a lie.

When we insist that others give us something that cannot be given .. we set ourselves up for disappointment and resentment. This is an unrealistic and unkind way to treat ourselves and others.

The alternative is to practice accepting the fallible limitations of human love. We start recognizing when we're placing unrealistic demands on others and instead choose to respond with a grateful heart for the imperfect ways our closest others express their love towards us. This lessens our frustration when they don't meet our expectation. We understand. We know we are not capable of giving pure acceptance and love either!

The result of such a practice is a greater acceptance of life and love; towards ourselves and the other – As Is. We suspect and challenge any sort of painful story that would have us believing that they don't love us or care. We no longer expect others not to have conditions on their ability to care. Everybody does.

Again, there is unconditional love … but only in our relationship with Universal Source. This is the one place where there is truly nothing we can do that will diminish That love and acceptance. May you open to That Abundant, Radiating Love Now.

Peace and blessings, Lynne

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