Following The Questions In To Forgiveness ….

Self abuse is a place where many of us get stuck …Learning to forgive and accept ourselves, especially if we’re not living up to some notion we have about what we’re supposed to be like, is not something many of us know how to do very well.

It's good to remember … any kind of low frequency emotional reaction is simply an alert that indicates that there's a story running. I have learned through repeated observation that low frequency feelings signal that ego is at the helm, which means there will be immediate stress or unhappiness. You can count on it. My down feelings prompt me to search inward (rather than externally) for the disturbing thought behind them (Remember, feelings are always a product of our thoughts.)

I often take time to write my painful thoughts down – it's really helpful….
For instance; “It’s pretentious for me to think I have something to offer …”, is that true? Then I ask, what’s the reality behind this thought?”

Questions that inquire into the nature of the assumption helps me locate the underlying, driving belief …. I keep asking myself questions about the concept, going deep within myself for my most honest answer, digging deeper … allowing the questions to lead me in to the core concept.

Most often, when I get to the innermost, troublesome belief it will be an innocent, albeit painful, belief – often, one that I've been blindly believing since childhood. I've noticed that as soon as I begin to stand back from these painful concepts and look at them from a place of curious and honest inquiry, there's a clarity that enables seeing them through gentler eyes. This eases judgment, prompting an energy shift. The overall vibrational frequency adjusts up.

More to come….
Blessings, Lynne

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