What If We Are Addicts Of Our Own Body’s Chemistry? Now What?

It's true – we are actually addicted to our own internal chemicals!

It's our neocortex, the front brain, where our thoughts are thought. From there they send electrical impulses to the Limbic or mid-brain, where they are translated into feelings that motivate our behavior and reactions. In other words our feelings and reactions come from the thoughts we attach to (believe). Just like the Reality Formula, based on ancient laws of Reality, has been telling us all along!

Reality Formula: When we believe a thought, we automatically feel and act as if what we believe is true … and when we react to others as if we believe what we think, we will act in ways that invite them to give us the very evidence we unconsciously seek that proves us right.” 

It's the hypothalamus that monitors the glandular secretions towards maintaining balance in the body hormonal system. It sends neuropeptides to the various glands in the body (depending on the state of consciousness that the quality of our thoughts is creating within us), signaling them to release the hormones that are needed to balance out the physical system.

For instance, if we are stuck in an old thought pattern of scarcity and fear for our survival, the hypothalamus sends a signal to our adrenals to release cortisol and other hormones, which immediately sets up an inner state of fight or flight.

But here's where it gets REALLY interesting … we actually get ADDICTED to the state of being brought on by the hormonal release, or we could say, we get addicted to the glandular SUBSTANCES being released. So if we start “coming down” from our hormonal high, the body goes into cortisol withdrawal and we automatically pick up the old thinking that triggers the fight or flight hormones we need to reach the levels we are habituated to living with. In the same way we need our morning java to kick-start our day, we “jones for” the fight or flight hormones to get us through.

From thinking (neocortex) to feeling to acting (limbic) to releasing stress hormones(hypothalamus) in an effort to treat, balance, or control our inner state of being, our thought loop becomes a patterned response, or neural pathway in the brain. Simply defined, a neural pathway is created when we repetitively think the same old thoughts that cause us to feel the same old feelings, and act in the same old ways – over and over again.

Although we can't get rid of these chronic neural loops, we CAN cultivate new neural pathways to override the old. We do this by cultivating our Observer Consciousness, described in the Reality Formula, as the ability to witness our thoughts without judgment for the purpose of refining and reframing old thoughts into higher ways of seeing our life situations.

If you want to learn more about building new neural pathways to peace, check out the NeuroCue phone app. that offers my own Reality Formula as a software program!

Read more about Neurocue and Reality Formula here: http://mbsy.co/bMQ6s

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