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The missing link in Western medicine might well be the failure to recognize the mind's ability to heal the body … Building mental immunity is vital to good health.

The Reality Formula ® builds mental immunity that helps free us from Life's Limiting Belief-Based Conditions! 

When a doctor gives a patient a prognosis based on worse case scenarios, telling that patient to expect the worse, the patient is highly likely to nod their head in acquiescence and succumb to the program they've been handed – and indeed live out the prognosis to the letter. That is, UNLESS that patient tends to be a natural rebel, one who bucks authority, in which case, they might not be so willing to comply with the doctor's prediction! Sometimes being a rebel is a good thing! 😉

The point I'm trying to make is that in spite of all of the preparation and precision that has gone into developing the best professional tools for medical treatment, there seems to be a vital link missing in the western approach to healing.

To me, the missing link appears obvious – for, in my opinion, it is one of the most POWERFUL requirements for healing – our own mental perception of our condition. What does the patient believe is possible for them? Do they BELIEVE the prognosis they've been handed of impending doom, worse case side-effects, etc? How do they feel and respond when they swallow – hook, line, and sinker – the scary diagnosis they've been handed? Because if they did, then they automatically “send orders” to the body to follow the predicted course – and the body, being the good servant that it is, will do just that.

I think it was Bernie Siegal, MD, author and pediatric surgeon, who noted that the patients who hold the best chance at complete remission, from Cancer, for instance, are the ones who are the most difficult to handle! They don't tend to “just go along with …”  They ask questions – lots of them – and they don't always follow doctor's orders.

Survivors think for themselves; they refuse to blindly accept someone else's limited prognosis as being “gospel”  for them – even if it is their doctor who is delivering the words. Thrivers in life dare to leave a doorway in their minds open to the possibility of a radically different and much happier outcome than the ones served up to them by well-meaning professionals.

It is those of us who hold a vision of ourselves as being strong, healthy, and well, regardless of what the lab results and doctors say, that make miracles possible. I think perhaps it is the mind that is the true miracle-maker! When consciously directed, the mind can actually use specific tools, such as denial, for instance, to work for us (denial is NOT always bad 😉 by refusing to buy into the predicted outcome as pertaining to us. We deny the effect of the condition and block out anything that distracts us from holding our focus and intention on what it is we can believe and envision as our reference point for healing. In other words, we look to another, better outcome as being possible for us. The ability to believe in a better possibility provides a mental immunity which protects us from empowering negative outcomes.

Believe it or not, is possible to know the “facts” about our condition, to choose whatever treatment is offered that we deem most beneficial for us, and STILL deny the negative outcomes that are predicted. We do not have to accept as true for us what others may have experienced, or by believing thoughts like, “these are the things that will happen because of my condition.” These dreaded symptoms, these “forewarnings,” are presented to us as if they are reality by the well-meaning people in our life – and more often serve to hinder our progress, I fear, rather than support it.

I worked with a young woman who was dealing with a rare and often fatal bone/blood cancer who allowed herself to question and decide for herself not to “buy in” to her doctors list of dire side effects she could expect to experience as a result of a bone marrow transplant she was about to undergo, which included a detailed description of how her body might fatally reject the donor cells. She told the doctor that her experience was not going to be any of that. She decided that she could well be the exception – why not? And made up her mind to be just that. She expressed eagerness to receive the new and healthy donor cells and just “knew” that her body would receive them well – and that is exacrly what happened. Not only did her body accept the new cells (She reported later that during the procedure she quietly visualized the donor cells joining up with her own in a sort of marriage that produced abundant and healthy children), but she had minimal other side effects as well. Today, this amazing young woman is several years into complete remission. And she is not the only client I have seen be able to direct their mind to become an ally in their healing. There have been many. I have witnessed the power of the mind over health often over my years of teaching, with clients, with family members and personally as well.

Simply put, it is the mind that ultimately decides our health. When we hold a mental vision of ourselves as healthy, happy, and well, we will be more inclined to feel, and act accordingly, and we will find ourselves living a lifestyle in harmony with, and therefore conducive to, the healthier vision that we hold of ourselves.


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