NeuroCue Presents Reality Formula: Stepping Stones to Peace

NeuroCue is a phone application that helps you build new neural pathways!

It was NeuroCue™, and Jesse Robbins, that introduced me to neuroscience. NeuroCue™ uses the latest findings in neuroplasticity and neuroscience to support building new neural pathways to peace.

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Jesse uses leading edge technology in creating this first of its kind totally innovative product!

NeuroCue is now ready and TODAY (Feb. 11, 2015) unveiled the only phone app of it's kind, designed to teach you not only how to build new neural pathway to peace, but doing so through an offering of a variety of programs, like mine, that will help you build a mind that thinks in possibilities beyond what our old mind is capable of imagining.

Suddenly Reality becomes the way life works FOR us, rather than that which we must tolerate. Which brings me to Reality Formula™ – my own offering on NeuroCue.

What is the Real­ity Formula™?

The Real­ity For­mula provides us with both the under­stand­ing of how vic­tim con­scious­ness works, AND the anti­dote for it.

In simplest form, the Reality Formula reminds us of the following never-changing principle, which in Metaphysics is called the “law of mentalism.” This law sums up the nature of Reality and explains in a very simple, eloquent way how to use the principles of Reality (i.e. guiding principles) to work for us, instead of against us, as most of us have been doing our whole lives!

Click here to learn more and DOWNLOAD NeuroCue™ Reality Formula: Stepping Stones to Peace

But only if you're ready for a happier life, better outcomes, and a kinder you! 😉


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