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Reality is what is. Reality has a structure that operates on certain laws, like, for instance, the law of gravity, that are undeniably what is, no matter the circumstances. There are basic principles of Reality that have been observed by the wise in every sect, culture, and part of the world, since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Reality principles govern how life energy operates on planet Earth; when we are unaware of them, we suffer, we feel at the mercy of a heartless, scary world, we feel like victims.

What follows is a synthesis of Reality principles that I've been studying and sharing with others for forty years. These principles were found, presented in various styles and traditions, in resources of all kinds, and tried and verified by my own efforts, in the laboratory that life offers us everyday. They come from ancient truths that have been passed down, from master to student in the beginning, and now more openly, to help us better understand the world energetically so we can co-create our desires (as we are designed to do) in alignment with the Living Intelligence that is our Source and manifest inner peace.

This is, by no means, an exhaustive list. The ten listed here provide, I hope, a basis of understanding how our world operates, both inner world, and outer world. (As above, so below – As within, so without) I share them because I consider them to be essential for helping us find the place of return to Reality, the only route to peace.

I believe the most effective way out of victim consciousness is to align with basic Reality principles such as these I list here.

Ten Reality principles (my latest revision)

1. We are thought emanations of Source, the One Mind, that thinks and speaks all things into being, and that breathes life into us, and supports our every need.

2. We are vibrational beings who attract and are attracted to people and situations of a similar vibrational frequency.

3. The One becomes three, a holy trinity, when it is divided in two, totally opposite, principles: the dark and the light, the masculine and the feminine.

4. Energy travels in spirals and operates in cycles, including within the human psyche, which energetically cycles through particular life themes to help us awaken and that spiritually refine us.

5. The world is a mirror that reflects the present state of our relationship with ourselves and those around us.

6. When we believe what we think, we automatically feel and act as if its true, and then we react in ways that prove us right.

7. Energy acts as a fertilizer; it increases and expands what we focus on. We direct our attention, by setting a conscious intention on what it is we want more of in life, and we withdraw our attention from what we don’t want more of in life.

8. We choose what we think and believe; when we begin to awaken to that Reality we become conscious participants in our life experience; we understand that what we believe determines the quality of our life.

9. We project our beliefs and unhappy story on to the world, and then react as if what we projected is true which elicits a response from the world that proves us right.

10. We align daily with the highest frequency possible, by setting our intention on Source. This allows us to detach from the unhappy beliefs that hold us prisoner to our own thinking (victim consciousness). Instead of blindly believing the unhappy stories we think, we  step back into the witnessing self (observer consciousness), question these unhappy thoughts, and restore peace to an otherwise tortured mind.


Why not take one principle at a time and apply it with consciousness to the situations that come up in your day and see what happens? 😉


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  1. I think that helping and directing people is a great thing. I don’t agree with or like how these principles insinuate blame or fault on the victim for the circumstances that they are in??? That is absurd.

    1. Rose, thank you for your feedback – I appreciate your sharing in a way that allows me to better clarify this work.
      There is a distinct difference between being a real life victim – of abuse, disease, or traumatic circumstances – and victim CONSCOUSNESS. Victim Consciousness is a state of mind that has to do with how we see ourselves in relation to the world. I often tell people it is not what happens to us, but what we tell ourselves it MEANS about us that determines whether we are in victim consciousness… FOr instance, I was sexually traumatized as a child … certainly not my fault! I was age 3-10 years old! NO blame … as a matter of fact blame is what we do in victim consciousness! But when I tell myself that I am forever damaged by what happened to me … how am I going to feel? I did just that for many years. I believed I was broken, damaged, and forever at the mercy of what happened to me and of those who did it! I was hurt, angry and felt hopeless, and unable to do better. That is me holding something outside myself responsible for my outcomes in life. It is a hopeless, helpless, resentment filled way to live. Believe me, I know! I have been there. It wasn’t until I realized that it wasn’t what happened to me that was holding me prisoner but what I was doing to MYSELF with that that was keeping me stuck. I asked myself, how can I see this in a way that empowers me rather than leaves me feeling at the mercy of the world. For me, the answer to that question came through ancient Universal Principles, that REality Formula calls “Guiding Principles” that taught me to see my life as an initiatory path, rather than seeing it as forever broken. THAT changed everything! It was about me being kinder to me, not blaming me – but liberating me to be able to rise, like a phoenix from the fires of life, forever transformed. I began to see that mine was a path of the wounded healer who is initiated by the painful challenges I endured .., uniquely prepared to support others who have been victimized in similar ways! I hope this clarifies. HAve you read my book, Life Beyond Victim Consciousness?” Found on Amazon. I recommend it. Blessings,

      1. Hey Lynne, I’m curious about your beliefs on reincarnation, Karma, and meditation. I was brought up by a Christian Grandmother, but not raised that way by my Mother. She was emotionally abusive and we didn’t have a good relationship.

        I went to a psychic as a joke 10 years ago, but the joke was on me. She mentioned something very personal to me that no one would know nor would I share. I also witnessed her going into trance and her eyes darting back and forth as if in REM sleep.

        It stuck with me, and I found another evidential psychic with whom I’ve had approximately 50 readings. The sessions felt like going to a therapist with deeper insight. He’s known about past events and predicted future ones. I asked him about child abuse, and he stated Karma.

        Actually, my visits with him have made me much more of a spiritual person. I live in the South, and I would be shamed by mentioning psychics, karma, and reincarnation. But, I have been on this quest to learn more and understand my life.

        I have listened to hundreds of YouTube videos from various points of view. Anywhere; from psychologist, psychic’s, gurus, study of consciousness, physicist.

        One theme that is persistent is that we’re here to LOVE.

        I just know that I don’t want a repeat on some of the things that I have experienced in this life. I often reflect, and know that I have grown into a more caring person. But, I have to admit Karma scares me!

        1. Hello Jennifer, Thank you for your inquiry. I believe that we are energy-based creations. Our thoughts and feelings are examples of how energy runs through us, something like how a “current” of electricity moves through a system and empowers it. The energy from that which Sources us perpetually runs through us. We project this energy out through our thoughts and feelings into the world, and draw back to us the experiences and encounters that accurately reflect the energy of what we believe and feel. The thing about energy is that it never dies, it simply changes form. Like salt crystals turn to salt water, etc…. We too are made of eternal substane. We do not die, we change form… Who knows what is possible for this energetic being that we call a “self?” The Cosmos is infinite, It seems unlikely that we wouold be limited to a single lifetime on a tiny planet in the midst of all that’s out there, don’t you think?

          My mother was a clairavoyant, I grew up knowing that we are more than the body we inhabit. Obviously you are on a path that “enlightens” you. Regarding “karma” … there is a universal law that, I believe, is relevent here: when we believe what we think, we feel and react as if it is true. When we feel and react out our thoughts and beliefs we become that which attracts the thoughts we believe. This is another way to describe “karma” for example; If I believe the world is a scary, dangerous place, I will feel the fear, paranoia, and hyper-vigilance that goes with that belief system… and I will act accordingly… If I see you as dangerous and scary, how am I likely to treat you? I may push you away in ways that invite you to push back! Feeling pushed away by me, you may react in ways that prove me right about you. Karma is simply to reap the harvest of what we are thinking, feeling, and reacting out of in the moment. It is wonderful to know this, because it allows us to make conscious what we are beleiving (for reframing and release) rather than feeling at the mercy of it.
          Hope this helps. Blessings, Lynne

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