My Limiting Story About You …

I have carried a limiting story about you.
Now don't pretend you don't have them too – stories about the world based on often limiting judgments and assumptions about literally everything and everyone you know. This is not a good or bad thing. It's a human thing! Creating ‘stories' is something most all of us, if not every human being, shares in common.
When our'stories' are negative and limiting, we generate quite a bit of misery by believing them – but one thing is for sure – we ALL have some.
Here's how it works: when we meet someone we form a set of opinions, or judgments, about them. We decide whether we like them or not based on whether we think they are for or against us.
The limited ‘story' we adopt about someone is often based purely on whether or not they agree with us! If they don't agree with us we may take that to mean that they don't ‘like' us – and, of course, we don't like them if they don't like us.
Often our personal conclusion about someone else is only partially, if at all, true. How we perceive them determines how we interact with them. Because, of course, when we believe our own limited judgments and opinions about them, we will automatically feel, and therefore act, as if what we think about them is true, and … Surprise, surprise! … we will most likely act in ways that invite them to prove us right!
Now, back to my limited story about you!
My story about you has been that you won't buy my book. And I have held a whole bevy of blindly-believed reasons why.
For instance, I told myself that you won't buy my book because:
  • you don't value my work enough to pay for it.
  • because I am not properly aligned with Universal flow and so can't attract buyers.
  • because I don't deserve to be a well-respected author.
Fortunately, due to years of working with the principles and tools I write about, I have learned to observe my unhappy stories about life, rather than to react out of them. I have learned to contain my unhappy stories, rather than do as I was once prone to do and spew them dramatically, often painfully on to those around me.
As I have learned to do with any thought that disturbs my peace, I held my biased opinions and thoughts about you at arms length and, one by one, I explored them carefully. I looked at the limiting judgments I was holding about you through the lens of observer consciousness to gain a brighter perspective. I am so grateful that it worked!
Approaching my story about you with curiosity, rather than from a place of blind belief in my limited ‘story,' I questioned it (I love Byron Katie's Four Questions and Turn Arounds for this purpose).
My self-inquiry process probably sounded something like this (using Katie's Four Questions…):
  • “This idea of mine that my readers don't value my work, is it true?”
  • “I can't sell enough books because I am not favored by Source, do I know that absolutely?”
  • “Who do I become when I line up with believing that I don't deserve to be a successful author?”
  • How would I feel or act differently if I did not believe any of those thoughts?”
I held these peace-disturbing thoughts of mine under the scrutiny of an observer  consciousness to see how credible they appear when fully exposed to Reality. I found they don't hold up well at all in the light of Reality.
I began to turn each of these limiting concepts into their opposite (Byron Katie's “Turnarounds“) to see if, held in the light of Reality, they might fare better than my unhappy ideas about you had. I found, many times, that the opposite opinion was every bit as true, and sometimes, more true even, than my original negative view was.
I began to see examples of how you do value my work:
For instance, you value my work by subscribing to receive my informative info-bites on victim consciousness weekly, and our Another Way Newsletter. (Thank you so much.) It's obvious that you value my work because you comment often on my posts, and send me emails that share with me your personal stories.
You often describe to me the successes that you are having with the principles that I have written extensively about in my book, Guiding Principles for Life Beyond Victim Consciousness. Many of you have shared with me stories of how your life has radically changed through the application of the principles I have written about in my book.
Here's a sample of three from the hundreds of testimonials I've received so far:
“… as long as I have your book I am sure I can always find my way back to happiness.
– Will Abercrombie. Chattanooga, Tn. (Age 19 years old)
“i have read your book and still reading your book, it is fantastic, i can not find the words to tell you how much i read and carry the book around with me. It has really helped me to look in a more posirive light and i have noticed the small changes that are happening in my life. I have some really nice friends come into my life, instead of being taken for granted so much. I was invited to dinner and cooked for twice. Where as before i wouldn't have the confidence to say yes, and was always doing for others. I still do but I am starting little steps to take full responsibility for me life without blaming others for my choices. love Maxine x”
“Lynne's work is amazing! She helps you to remember that often in life, you will reap from others what you send out to them.. so be aware of your thoughts that can steer your emotions.”  -Susan Kendrick, Atlanta, Georgia
“I'm halfway through the book … One particular phrasing has been with me since I read it and has become a mantra for serenity: Spirit is closer to you than your skin. That one phrase puts me into immediate connection with Source as a palpable feeling, and into observer mode. Thank you for that.”  -Joyce Shaefer, New Orleans, LA.
One of the guiding principles that defines Reality (as described in my book) reminds us that the world is a mirror. We find through that principle that whatever unhappy story we project onto others is really more about us.
Reflecting thusly, I suddenly saw the truth in the thought, “you don't value my work …” as being my own opinion of me! I am the one who was refusing to value my work.” Now we're getting somewhere!

I looked at all the ways my turned around thought might be true, and I recognized that, when it comes to talking about my writing to others, my desire not to sound too braggadocios, often causes me to minimize the impact that this process has had in my own life. It was as if I had forgotten how radically changed for the better my own life was as a result of the Realignment Process I teach!

I could see that when I de-value my writing I fail to adequately pass on to others the tremendous value of learning how to line up with Reality and Source that I share through my words. I recognized that I was holding back from sharing with you this life transforming and healing process, simply because I didn't want to sing my own praises.

I came to see that instead of bragging, my telling you about my book is to value you enough to want to share principles and tools that work! Tools like the process I have just exemplified for you here.
The Realignment Process that I outline in my book, Guiding Principles for Life Beyond Victim Consciousness, have dramatically changed my life, and I know they can do the same for you. And because I know you, like me, will settle for nothing less than the peace of mind that comes from seeing life through the lens of observer consciousness, and freedom from the victim triangle, I know you will want to buy my book.
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  1. Hey Lynn, Such great work. Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie are amazing teachers for our time. I have gone to Byron Katie’s school and worked personally with Eckhart so I know from where I speak that their work is foundational especially Eckharts. They both have changed my life. It is however a slippery slope and I found my self sabotaging my self again and again. What is interesting is that now I see that I would be in lets say victim hood(the one I find hardest to be in) work through the feelings and limited beliefs then be sabotaged by Perpetrator or Rescuer in one form or another. Your work is helpful in that you can see where you are, where you have fallen into dysfunction as you have shown the territory of that dysfunction and most of it does come from P V R consciousness. Awareness is all. Another major piece to the shift. I do think we have to work through the whole triangle and it is because it is a triangle it is so difficult to awaken to. Awesome!! Loving You…

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