Helpful Tips for Furthering Enlightenment

Vita Tank
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Here are some helpful tips for grounding and furthering your progress towards peace:

1. Start your day with a deliberate focus on aligning with Source.
a. Read something inspirational to set the tone, and go, as if to a secret meeting w/ your beloved, to a private space set up somewhere in your home just for this purpose. Light a candle, play music that soothes and invites you to breathe and relax.

b. Find your best standing body alignment, root through your feet and begin to breathe deeply, full body breaths, and then start w/ gentle, slow, stretching.

c. Set your conscious intention to connect w/ Source through your body energetically and use visualization to see the energy of Source surrounding you and flowing into your body, streaming along the meridians and energy pathways, reaching every organ, every cell in your body.

2. Sign up for some kind of gentle yoga (yin yoga. restorative yoga, vinyasa (flow), or basic Iyengar are all good places to start), or a qigong/tai chi/akido/reiki class to learn ways to work in, and with, the body energetically I cannot emphasize enough the body's role in freeing us from victim consciousness. It facilitates powerful healing.

3. Buy my book, Guiding Principles for Life Beyond Victim Consciousness to learn more about the spiritual principles or laws of Reality and how to apply them directly to your life, including the benefits of and tools for learning how to develop a daily practice.

4. Buy Byron Katie's book “Loving What Is,” or find her online at www.thework.com and memorize her four questions:

a. Is it true?
b. Do you know it absolutely?
c. Who are you when you believe that thought?
d. What would be different w/out that thought?

And use her Turn Arounds too, by taking the original thought that you are questioning and turn it around to its opposite and look for evidence to support that perspective.

5. Work with those four questions as you move through your day. They will help you tap into observer consciousness so that you are less reactive and resistant to life. Look for any little unhappy thought and practice turning it into its opposite to find a more peaceful way of seeing.

6. Learn and meditate on the basic guiding principles. Practice seeing the world through them. For instance, when you hear yourself thinking that something should, or shouldn't, be the way it is, remind yourself of the principle that teaches us there are no mistakes; things are the way they are for a reason and that reason is for our benefit; focus on seeking that growth enhancing reason, rather than railing against the way things are. Observer consciousness is based on seeing life through universal guiding principles of life.

7. Pay attention to your feelings, especially to the ones that prompt you to react negatively, for they are like fingers pointing to the troublesome thought inside your mind, the real cause of your distress.

8. Suspect your way of seeing things anytime your perception of a situation generates unhappiness. Explore your mindset carefully and question the negative beliefs, one at a time, that surface in your mind – don't quit until you’ve adjusted your way of seeing things to align with reality, recognizable by its high frequency. You know you have returned to reality when you feel grounded and centered, serene and connected – at peace. Reality is the here and now peace of this moment. Use this work to anchor you in reality.

I trust that any of the above mentioned suggestions you choose to follow will bring positive results – your pace and progress is a personal thing. Trust your rhythm.



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