There Are No Coincidences – Only Manifestations

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We are getting close to our book & workshop “tour” to the west coast, and we are excited! Among other things I will be offering a two day intensive at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center, in Joshua Tree, California on March 25-27th. For me returning to the high desert is a dream come true.

Let me tell you what I mean in this short story about how it is we came to choose the Joshua Tree Retreat Center as the site for our “coming out” event in California! I think that the way that selection was made is prime example of the process I write about in my new book, Guiding Principles for Life Beyond Victim Consciousness!

But first I want to share with you a short audio of an interview done with me recently on NPR in which I talk about my new book, Guiding Principles… and talk briefly about my work.


Time to Stop Being A Victim – Interview with Lynne Forrest


Now that you've had a taste of the process I will be sharing with you at JTRC, let me tell you about how it is we came to land at Joshua Tree Retreat Center …  the full story however, does require a bit of back-tracking, so indulge me a moment while I go back in memory to some thirty years ago when I was living in the high-desert, not far from Joshua Tree. It was a time in my life, when I was very caught up in living close to the earth, and in following my inner guidance under the outer direction of a man I called Natamenaha.

At that time, I was an apprentice to him and his teachings (some of which were useful, and some that have proven not to be so useful). He claimed to be of Native American (Blackfoot) descent, but what I remember most about him is what a strict task-master he was! It was he who first introduced me to an energetic understanding of the world through nature.

Under his direction, I gave away most of my personal belongings, having been taught to see material things as a hindrance to freedom. I also dropped my name and traveled by hitch-hiking for some time under an assumed pseudonym instead. All of this was part of the experiment Natamenaha set-up for me of learning to rely on the Universe to supply my daily needs.

And indeed I learned much about how to “see” my needs met, and how to get by on the resources that came my way. It was an incredible experiment in learning how to trust Source. Through first-hand experience, I learned many of the guiding principles upon which I base my writing today.

Recently then, when it was suggested to me that we promote my new book about victim consciousness on the west coast, I was casually browsing the web to see what the possibilities were for finding the perfect place to hold our workshop. All of a sudden I happened upon the site for Joshua Tree Retreat Center (JTRC), and suddenly remembered the day I’d been traveling through Joshua Tree on my way to visit family, and happened upon the retreat center!

Viewing the homepage for JTRC, I suddenly recalled that day vividly; I’d been let off at the entrance of Joshua Tree by someone I’d gotten a ride with from Palm Springs who themselves was on their way to attend a retreat there. I distinctly recall being told about the powerful energy vortices that the retreat center was purported to be sitting on, and I was impressed and intrigued. I remember like it was yesterday the prophetic words I uttered then about the possibility that maybe someday I might offer a workshop there too!

And now, thirty plus years later, that prediction I made in the seventies is about to come true. There are no coincidences, no accidents. The seed of desire that was planted in my consciousness so many years ago took root, and is now about to bear fruit. I am inspired about seeing that seed’s fulfillment, and I would love to have you there to experience it with me!

Perhaps you feel the urge to join us, I hope you will trust that prompting. There is no better time than NOW! Come witness the power of the guiding principles in your life, and liberate your mind from the mental hindrances that have been holding you back from having the life you desire!

I hope you will join us! I feel in my bones that this is going to be a powerful initiation of the work – in your life, in my life, and in the world at large.

Come celebrate with me this work that has brought me full circle from experiencing to sharing the guiding principles that I was first introduced to by Natamenaha so many years ago. I know it’s going to be a powerful time for us to go through together. I can’t wait to see you there!



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