Yin Yang Energy

In 1928, an English physicist, Paul Dirac, theorized that every particle  has its own companion particle that has the same mass and spin, but with an opposite charge. These companion particles are known as “antiparticles.” Somewhere in the early thirties, another scientist, Carl Anderson, in his quest to answer the question, “Where do the antiparticles go?” discovered  a track of antiparticles in a cloud chamber, thus verifying Dirac's theory that they do in fact continue to exist.

Antiparticles are specific units of antimatter. Antimatter makes up parallel realities that are formed when a path is NOT chosen. One way of seeing it might be that for every path we choose, there is an equal and opposite path not chosen, an ‘antipath,' if you will. For every extreme there is an equal opposite: shadow/light, masculine/feminine, action/non-action, black/white, positive/negative, visible/invisible, etc. etc.

Of course, ancient philosophies encompassed this understanding long before quantum physics began to verify it. A good example illustrating opposites is the ancient Chinese yin and yang theory that shows how necessary the balancing of opposite energies (homeostasis) is for health and wellness in life. We come to recognize these opposites on every level of life, from the smallest particles of life to the elements (earth/air, fire/water), to the characteristics and traits that are encoded in our DNA.

Opposites create life as we know it. Life generating energy is created by the spark between the magnetic poles of opposites that produces fields of electromagnetic energy that surround all life as we know it. Though unseen, we know these  subtle energies exist because of the tracks and waves they leave behind, and now we know that it is these subtle energies (of antimatter) that form the basic structure of the more visible forms of matter, or energy, such as electricity. The unseen supports the seen. All polarities support, and interact with their equal and opposite companions.

Here's another interesting discovery in physics: Once two or more objects (opposites) have been connected, they will continue to interrelate with and affect each other although they may be separated by long distances, even if it's by thousands of miles (or dimensions)!

We are living in a field of energy that is constantly being generated, influenced, and acted upon by its opposing polarity. We can't have one extreme without the other!

Think on the application of this information in terms of your emotional and mental life! Wherever there is an extreme “No” – there will be its equal and opposite “Yes.” Wherever there is contraction there will be an implied surrender. We think that by choosing one we delete the other. Not so, according to this way of understanding!  When we focus on one, the other will play it's equal and oppositional role, exerting an influence that shapes and refines. When we lean towards one extreme, we push against its opposite. This is how growth and movement happens.

Blessings, Lynne



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  1. Lynne, An excellent post!
    To be honest, just know, before reading this post. I helped a friend, who was in a dilema, and was falling in a depression. I explained him the concept of Extremity or Contraries of Ying and Yang energy.
    And while I was explaining him about him, I gained an enlightment. So I hurried to look for more information to gain a deeper understanding.
    Thank you a lot.

    I love the mysticism of ying-yang, and the knowledge that anciente chinese people gained. God knows how.

    Thanks again, Arnau.

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