Personal Transformation

Lynne and Isa - December 2005
Lynne - "Before" w/ granddaughter, age 8 months

Lynne “After” w/ same granddaughter, now age 6


Someone asked me recently how I saw myself regarding this work. They asked if I think of myself as an “expert,” or as an “authority on victim consciousness.” It was a good question, and I found myself thinking about how I DO see myself.

Of course, the true answer is that how I think of myself in any given moment totally depends on what I am thinking and believing in that moment. So my vision of me can shift dramatically without a moment's notice!

However, when it comes to the process I devote so much time and energy writing and talking about, my vision of me stays pretty consistent. Simply stated, I see myself as a sojourner having a mighty adventure on this journey called life. I see myself as a seeker who has gathered tools, and resources for consciousness in my travels. I see myself as someone who is willing to test out and experiment with these tools for the sake of verification in the laboratory of my personal life. I see myself as someone who has shared with others these tools and resources and observed their effect in their lives too. I see myself as someone who reports on my observation of how consciousness works by writing and sharing those observations with other serious seekers. In short, I see myself as a body pilot (someone who learns through experiencing life) and a reporter!

The rewards have been tremendous! Truly, nothing short of miraculous!

In the photos above I share a visible example of the incredible results that my experiments in consciousness have brought.

The first photo is one taken of me in December of 2005. I call it the “Before shot.” This photo was taken exactly one year before that morning in December 2006 that was to be my deciding moment for aligning with Source everyday towards attaining better health and inner peace. It was that morning that I made a conscious surrender to a daily practice that has ultimately changed my life!

Since then I have practiced applying the tools & resources I'd spent a lifetime gathering on a daily basis. And the results have been profound … as the photos show. Before I knew it I had shed – not just pounds (although I lost about sixty total without dieting!), but more importantly, I began to shed the unhappy, limiting stories I'd carried and lived out for so long. I am truly convinced that the mind shift I experienced was what prompted the weight loss. There have been many other shifts as well – in the way I see and accept the world, as well as in the way I relate to others. (My husband said at one point, “it's like my wife went away to work one day, and you came home in her place – and I LIKE you ALOT!” :))

Beside it is another photo of me that was taken more recently. It is my “After” shot. It's not just the hair color that is different! My whole way of relating to life has shifted through the experiment that I have experienced in my life.

I've outlined the whole experiment in the form of a step by step process of transforming the mind and body that you can read in my book, Guiding Principles for Life Beyond Victim Consciousness. I hope you will read it and share your thoughts and your own process with me here.

I trust that you too can experience dramatic transformation through the application of these methods and tools in your own life.

Blessings, Lynne




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