True Support Empowers ….

by chinarut True support empowers others. We can only offer authentic caring for others from an internal place of fullness. When we take full responsibility for our own health & happiness – then we can become a true source of comfort and guidance for others. When we are fulfilled, we have something real to give …. When we are unfulfilled … there is only emptiness

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Motives for Rescuing Others

by hairybald When we help others out of a need for approval or a sense of guilt, obligation or superiority, we are rescuing. This puts us on the Victim Triangle™ where we end up in the victim role. Here are a few possible underlying motives for rescuing: Because we believe that it’s selfish to take care of ourselves, we do for others from a hidden

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When you find yourself on the Victim Triangle™

by stevenjude When you find yourself feeling polarized and highly reactive towards another person or situation, you can rest assured that you’re on the Victim Triangle™. What do you do about it? 1. To get off the Victim Triangle™ first of all be willing to take 100% responsibility for yourself. This means stop blaming! 2. Nobody wins as long as the interaction between you and

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Politics on the Victim Triangle

Politics On The Victim Triangle There’s a relational diagram or tool called the Victim Triangle that clearly defines the three roles we play in Victim Consciousness: Persecutor, Rescuer and Victim. These three roles are all part of a victim mentality that perceives ourselves (or others) as being “at the mercy of” or “done in by” others. This painful way of perceiving life becomes a lens

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To Give Up Rescuing ….

As you may have noticed, the rescuing aspects of our national policies in taking care of the poor has been on my mind…. (see previous posts) I’ve been talking about the difference between offering true support to others – by sending a message that reinforces an individuals right to have as much independence as his/her physical &/or mental capacities allow – and our governments present

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