Grandparents as Mentors & Guides – A Forgotten Resource?

Before you read further: This letter, though a personal one written to my grandson, may also be relevant to you, or your family. I share it here for two reasons, one, I post this letter here as a way to invite my grandson without applying any well-intentioned pressure on him to go along just because he thinks he should, Since he does not know the

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How Do We Find Inner Peace in the Midst of World Tragedy?

I’ve been asked to say something about the shocking events of the school shooting tragedy in Connecticut this past week where at least 27 people died at the hands of an immature child, albeit in a man’s body. How can we perceive the tragedy in Connecticut in a way that brings anything but terror and outrage, much less be able to explain it to our

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Meeting in the Middle; The War of the Opposites

When we are spiritually mature, we live at the dividing line, within ourselves and out in the world, between polarized opposites – between black and white, right and wrong – right where any polarized notion, position, or viewpoint meets the other point of view. Through our maturing process, we move in towards the centerline where the opposites meet  (and often  clash) and away from the

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