Moving Past Stuckness …

We hear about expanding consciousness. We want it but HOW do we get it? That seems to be the big question. The first thing to do on this journey to a more conscious Self is to bring consciousness to the life you’re having now. After all, can you be in any other life than this one you’re in? No matter how much you may think

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The Body Reflects Our Beliefs

The mind rules the body. Through my work, I have come to see just how true those words are. What we believe determines not only our health, but the physical stance and posture we assume, and that physicality becomes the way we communicate to others about who we are and what we believe. Our body is a transmitter of the energy we create through the

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The Importance of “Feeling our Feelings …”

I do understand the importance of “feeling our feelings” in the process of emotional healing. I DO value the part of the process that recognizes and releases emotion; feelings are energetic impulses that act like messengers whose job is to report to us the state of our current vibrational frequency, and to show us the unhappy thoughts we are  believing! I worked in addictions/co-dependency treatment

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Peace, Our Choice

We live in such a beautiful world, a garden of endless possibility. If we believe life is a junkyard, we get to live there. We can be the “junkyard dog!” 😉 If we believe it’s all about pomp & ceremony, we experience that, or we might choose a worldview that lands us in a cosmopolitan world of glitter & crime, or any number of diverse

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How Do We Get Out Of The Victim Loop?

Recently a subscriber asked this question: “How I can be an observer of my being in observer consciousness? How can I pull back from my own observations of the manifestations of my own thought processes in order to see clearly where I am going wrong and where I can alter course to go right?? All I can see is the fog of my own thoughts (results of my thought processes/beliefs (of

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