What is Daily Practice?


On the surface, purely for description sake, what I do every day and call my daily practice can be said to be a combination of prayer, inspirational reading, yoga and qigong. But these words are empty. They do not convey more than an outline, if that, of what goes on for me during those sacred times each day.

More accurately, but still limited by mere words, I would describe that time as my daily alone time with Source.

It's my “quality time” with the Beloved.

It's the time of day that I align my intentions with the One Will.

It's when I practice surrender to Source.

It's my opportunity to drop the mind chatter and experience the now moment.

It's that most divine time of day when I am invited to experience glimpses of an essential self clear of any and all story about who “Lynne” is.

It's the most REAL moments of my day – the time I am most in love and when I feel most ALIVE and aglow. My Daily Practice is where I go to receive my working orders for that day.

It's my Essential Connection and an absolute requirement for me to maintain any degree of alignment with Reality and PEACE.

I STRONGLY advocate it. 

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