An Ongoing Relationship With Mom


The day after I returned home from Mom's funeral, we made contact.

It happened like this: I was in my morning practice, when suddenly I saw her clearly in my mind's eye. She was strong & healthy, her eyes were clear and piercing. There were no signs of debilitation whatsoever.

We carried on a mental dialog. She told me she was ready to continue her work and asked if she and I might collaborate. She then proceeded to tell me what she could contribute: organizational skills, editing & enhanced writing ability, the ability to intuit when to speak up & when to hold silent, and more.

It was such a relief to realize that my relationship with my mother continues in the way it always has – I know and relate to her in my mind!

She is just as alive in my mind as she has ever been! I love it that she is now free to come and go whenever and where ever I want without having to lug a worn out physical vehicle with her. Her physical body was definitely holding us back from getting together more often simply because we both tended to rely on the physical as our means of getting together. Such a notion limited us greatly. Now I see her as free to travel and she DOES love to travel! Now she can be with all her family, as spread across the states as we may be, whenever we want her there! All we need to do is close our eyes and SEE her!

Since that morning she and I have been conversing regularly. I have called on her help a few times and felt her lend a hand.

What a wonderful gift to realize I don't have to give my beloved mom up just because she dropped a body! We are blessed creatures, us humans, indeed!


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