Daily Practice: Learning to Align, Surrender, Clear & Receive

A daily practice is about learning to align, surrender, clear and receive.

We align through setting our intention on connecting with The Highest Source. We move into postures that open and align us physically with it and then we let go of the mental chatter, focusing only on the reality of what we are experiencing in and around us now. We surrender.

But I still cannot receive the guidance, gifts and privileges that are available for me through Source if I am clogged with limiting judgments and beliefs. I must clear my mind and the places in my body where the left-over tales of ego are still evident through various aches and pain. Such clearing also takes place on my morning mat.

My daily practice is time I willingly give each day for the purpose of clearing, and surrendering so I may serve Source better.

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  1. Hi Tracy, I often remind myself that it is not how successful I am at holding a clear mind but how often I remember to return to it that matters most.
    We are indeed a wonderful work in progress. There is only the journey; there is no point of destination at which to arrive.

    Thank God! How else can we experience the miracles of Source except through the low points and struggles on our path? I love your sincerity and heart felt yearning for Home!

    I’ll talk some more soon on how to uncover beliefs through our daily practice.

  2. I am working on this…Aligning myself with source…i didn’t realize how much my thoughts affect my view of life and i am still learning to clear my mind while meditating….It feels frustrating in the beginning when i have so many thoughts both negative and positive pulling me….
    Its a work in progress but it feels so great when my mind clears for just a short time and i feel an inner peace that is very comforting.
    I feel much happier and the world is beginning to feel different…
    I know my limiting beliefs prevent me from accessing my true being and i still have to work on uncovering a lot of them some conscious others unconscious…I feel a bit confused on how best to use meditation in uncovering these beliefs and how to identify them when i am not feeling in alignment…

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