Exercise Routine or Daily Practice: Is There A Difference?

Thailand Details - Aerobics Mural at Samitivej Sriracha Hospital - Sriracha, Thailand
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Sometimes a friend or family member asks, “are you still doing your morning exercise program?” The choice of words sort of shocks me. Such a definition of what I do in the mornings seems remote indeed from what I call ‘my daily practice.' In my mind there is all the difference in the world between the two, the exercise program/routine and a daily practice. To me, the two have very different objectives.

In an exercise program we generally do a daily fitness routine (a good thing, for sure) for external reasons. We exercise to look good, to be healthy, to slim down, to build muscles, or counteract calories, etc. In other words, we do an exercise program because we want to accomplish certain, concrete results.Asana

Creative Commons License photo credit: Nancee_art

In a daily practice, physical movement is used, not so much for the purpose of “staying fit,” “losing weight” or “staying strong,” but to facilitate physical alignment with the primary source of life energy for the purpose of receiving more of it. The goal is to resonate at a higher and higher vibrational frequency towards achieving union with Universal Source Supply.

Whereas an exercise program is likely to be motivated by external causes, inner motives are what drive the daily practice.

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