Nowhere but Now

time Is Running Out
Creative Commons License photo credit: ODHD

Whenever that old familiar story about time running out starts taking over my mind I remind myself that things can only happen on time. Nothing else is possible.

Look, birds!

You know the story, right – the one that says we must hurry up so we can get to that place in the far off future where we can finally relax, breathe and have our lives?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Sunshine Rabbit

Believing such a line keeps us running at a fast pace, unable to enjoy where we are right now.

Perhaps if we are lucky, something gives us pause and we suddenly remember that there really is nowhere to go and especially in such an all-fired hurry.

Nap Time
Creative Commons License photo credit: teamaskins

What follows may be the sudden awareness that what we are doing right now, whatever it is, is what we are supposed to be doing because it is what we are doing.

And we realize that we are, at this very moment in the place we have been striving to get to all along. It is called the NOW.

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